6 “Selfish” Reasons for Choosing Breastfeeding

Yes, breastfeeding is super beneficial for baby and for our emotional bond. I support that. And those reasons are big reasons I chose to try breastfeeding and continue to do so. But a lot of my reasons for breastfeeding are largely for my own benefit.

That said, I would argue that doing things for yourself and taking care of yourself is not “selfish,” despite the blog post title. In fact, taking care of yourself is very important. Motherhood does not equal martyrhood.

Here are my top six “selfish” reasons to breastfeed: Continue reading


I am (lactating) mom – hear me roar

On any given day, someone cutting me in line at the store would mildly irritate me. Today, however, I went into full-on “mama lion” how-dare-you-almost-knock-over-my-son-back-off-lady mode at a woman in Target. Afterwards, I oscillated between feeling justified for my reaction to feeling a bit guilty that I had perhaps been a bit too aggressive in my response. Continue reading


Breastfeeding is natural, but it doesn’t always come naturally.

It’s a phrase that’s touted often, but I wish I had taken it to heart before giving birth. For the past eighteen months, I have had the privilege of breastfeeding my son. But, we didn’t get to this point alone. The lactation professionals who worked with Leo and me were an amazing source of knowledge and support. They helped me overcome a range of obstacles I never expected, including latch issues, mastitis, tongue-tie, cracked nipples, and insufficient supply.

So powerful was their influence that I knew I would eventually want to become a lactation counselor, too. This week, I’m finally going to make that goal a reality. Continue reading

The 3 Organizations I Am Supporting on #GivingTUESDAY

Today is #GivingTUESDAY.

This has become one of my new favorite traditions. Following on the heels of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, this day provides an opportunity to give back to your local, national, and global communities.

It’s always tough for me to pick because there are so many worthy organizations doing amazing work. This year, I sent donations to three amazing organizations that are helping families meet their breastfeeding goals. Continue reading