#Sogladtheytoldme that mommyhood is hard – and it’s OK

This morning I came across a blog post by Stephanie Sprenger that discussed the difficult balance between how we talk about the awesomeness of motherhood and setting realistic expectations for moms-to-be.

Sprenger’s article, “I’m glad they warned me,” was a response to a blog post by Jenny Studenroth Gerson titled “They Should’ve Warned Me.

In her original post, Studenroth Gerson discussed all the warnings she received while she was pregnant. Things like, you’ll never shower again, or, sleep now because it’s the last time you will. She wrote that she was very anxious about motherhood, but then was surprised to find how much she loved her child and motherhood.

In response post, Sprenger expresses her happiness for Studenroth for having a good transition to motherhood, but that for so many women, it’s a huge, very hard adjustment. Continue reading


6 “Selfish” Reasons for Choosing Breastfeeding

Yes, breastfeeding is super beneficial for baby and for our emotional bond. I support that. And those reasons are big reasons I chose to try breastfeeding and continue to do so. But a lot of my reasons for breastfeeding are largely for my own benefit.

That said, I would argue that doing things for yourself and taking care of yourself is not “selfish,” despite the blog post title. In fact, taking care of yourself is very important. Motherhood does not equal martyrhood.

Here are my top six “selfish” reasons to breastfeed: Continue reading